27 August 2015

Review: Confessions of a Fat Girl

Author: Holly Dae
Pages: 247
Rating: 3 Stars

Synopsis: Smart and ambitious Season Minett was homeschooled, got accepted into college at 16, graduated with a B.A. in English at 20, got a job at a prestigious magazine at 21, and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Twenty-two-year-old Season has it made and everyone knows it. Except Season herself.
People can gush over her all day long, but Season knows they’re just being nice. In reality, she’s accomplished nothing. She doesn’t work hard enough, can’t get her book published, and worst of all at 5’6, 180 pounds with a thirty-two inch waist, a forty-four inch hip, and arms too big for her body, she’s fat and ugly. She's such a disappointment that after her mother divorced Season's dad, she went to live with her new, younger boyfriend and left Season to mother the rest of her siblings. So Season is quite bewildered when the guy she sees every weekend at the bookstore shows serious interest in her. And she ends up liking him. A lot.
Season's not naive enough to think love will solve all her problems though. In fact, love seems to be making everything worse because her food obsession is growing more and more out of her control. But that's impossible. There's nothing wrong with counting calories and wanting to be thin. There's nothing wrong with trying to be as perfect as everyone thinks she is. A fat girl can't develop an eating disorder, let alone have one. Right?

Review: I had received this book in exchange for an honest review. When I had read the title of this book, I was completely interested in reading it, as it had captured by attention. This is Season’s story, and we are told the story looking at her life through her own thoughts and actions. Season really does not feel as though there is anything special about her, and she tries her hardest to keep locked away from everyone. Until she meets Victor. Try as she might to push him away, he is not scared off from her.
Season, as we learn very early on has an undiagnosed eating disorder. She is constantly counting her calories and really taking into consideration about what it is that she is putting into her body. About mid-way through the book, some things start to go down, and Season finds herself spiralling out of control and we witness just how self-destructive Season can be.
This is one of the first books that I have read that has to deal with eating disorders. One of the things that I was really not a huge fun of, was Season herself. I found it very, very difficult to like her, and maybe that was the point of her character, but I just found her to be very difficult to warm up to. As well, I know it was her nature, but I found her to be rather harsh and abrasive at times. She just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. On the otherhand, some of the thoughts that Season was having about herself are thoughts that I’ve had, and I’m sure that women will be able to relate to.
Overall, I did enjoy this book and I was really glad that I was given the opportunity to read it. Eating disorders are a thing that is becoming more and more apparent in our world, and it is important that we aware of what they are and just how damaging they can be. For as strong a woman and Season is, even she has her battles, and some things are harder to overcome than others.

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